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Moor Embrace
We love to dance the Tango


About Us


"We're on an adventure..."

Frank and I often say this to each other. We have been friends since 1997, but only found each other as lovers and partners in 2012. Since then, all of life seems to be an adventure.

We like to cook and share food with the people around us. There is nothing better than to sit down for a good meal with old and new friends, to share stories and ideas.

We each have two grown-up children and Frank has a granddaughter too.
We divide our time between our two beautiful houses in Totnes and Cardiff, and we enjoy exploring the hidden beauties of the Devon and Wales.

We love dancing and teaching Tango. In fact, Ruth has been a tango teacher for over 20 years. Maybe you would like to learn a bit of Tango too, while you are here?

Frank is a trained masseur, with many years of experience. If you would like to receive a relaxing massage while you are here, this is possible too!

We love having visitors - it means we can have an Adventure: We can go on trips to the sea and the moor, we can discover new places, and we can play with language.